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Cake Stand - Green

Cake Stand - Green


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Cake Stand - Blue


Cupcake Stand in color stripes

Highlight your special cake with a cake stand 

At the heart of every party is a sweet, delicious and beautiful cake. It’s only when the cake comes out are the happy birthday celebrations sung, or the season celebrated, so it makes perfect sense to get a proper cake stand that provides front-and-center focus to the cake, but also elevates it above all the other food items on the table. 

Cake stands  are important element when creating a dessert table as well. A range of different color and tiered options allow your cake to truly make a statement in its own right and complement all the beautiful icing or decorative work done to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our cake stands made from?

The cake stands you can buy from The Party Boutique are made from metal for extra durability and quality. These cake stands can easily be washed and reused for future parties, making them a long-lasting and environmentally friendly way of presenting your cake or cupcakes. We also offer cupcake stands that are made from paper

Do you sell multi-layered cake stands?

Yes, we do. Multi-layered cake stands are perfect for more ornate cakes with several layers, or simply a range of cupcakes. 

Presenting your cupcakes on a multi-layered cake stand allows you to both highlight the stars of the meal but also save space on the table and make them easy for guests to pick them up.. 

How big are our cake...

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